Bone Dry NZ leather waterproofing, conditioner offers great Business Opportunities....

Bone Dry NZ leather waterproofing, conditioner offers great Business Opportunities....
Hi and welcome to Bone Dry NZ   
Where can you find an investment that will increase your money with very little work in a few days or even a few months?
It all depends on you and your ability.
Here at Bone Dry NZ we offer you the chance to make that much needed cash in your spare time and have lots of fun along the way.
Sounds to good to be true? Well it's not!

What you are about to read is about a product that has turned into a family owned and operated business in New Zealand and has taken off over the last three years.
Now it's time to expand the business and what better way to do this than to let other people enjoy the success of this business.

What is Bone Dry NZ?
Bone Dry NZ is a product manufactured through the share frustration of not being able to find a product that does what it says.
Developed by a man who lives in the outdoors and wanting to stay dry this product has become much more than he ever thought. Not only did it keep him dry, it lengthened the life of his leather gear far longer than he ever imagined.
So what is Bone Dry NZ its a waterproofing and conditioner.
Not just any leather waterproofing and conditioner but one that really works!
One that makes leather last longer than any leather manufacturer would ever want a leather product to last. So what does that mean to the end user of a leather product?
Value for money and the best part is your leather product is waterproof and will last far longer.
Now there's plenty of products on the market claiming to waterproof and condition your leather but when put to the test they failed miserably.

So what makes Bone Dry NZ the winning product for leather?
It has been designed to penetrate deep into the leather fibers keeping your leather soft and pliable and also waterproof. Bone Dry NZ puts life back into something that is for a better word DEAD.

So how can you as an individual make money out of Bone Dry NZ?
That's simple
Bone Dry NZ is offering individuals the opportunity to become a distributor of Bone Dry NZ amongst friends and family, trade shows or any event that you think you can promote and sell Bone Dry NZ at. Just think about it, How many people do you know that don't have some form of a leather product, what's the most common leather product on the market that every one has? Footwear just to start things off.
It's the one leather product that most people don't even give a thought about looking after, they just wear it and when it's worn out they throw it away.
The only time they think about the cost of footwear is when they have to dip into their wallet and drag out their hard earned money to buy new footwear.
Good quality leather footwear is not cheap and most people end up buying new footwear because the leather has broken down and 9 times out of 10 the sole is still good.
Now the tables are turned,with the regular use of Bone Dry NZ you will wear your sole out before you wear the leather uppers out, thus saving the individual hundreds of dollars every year.

So How is this Bone Dry Venture Going To Work For You
Based on the facts that you have read in the above information and you are keen to have a go then we will for a one off cost send to you a start up pack and then away you go doing what you obviously enjoy the most mixing with people from all walks of life, going to numerous different events, whether it be farmer's market's,bike rallies,sports events,hunting competitions,or AMP shows the choice is endless and yours to make.

1 In your start up pack you will receive a DVD demonstrating how easy Bone Dry NZ is to apply and what it can do. There are lots of helpful tips for promoting this product

2 You will also receive Bone Dry at the wholesale price with the recommended  retail price for on selling

3 Also included is Bone Dry Nz for you to demonstrate ease of application

4 Your name will be listed on our website as  a distributor

5 For those who want to do trade shows and events there are promotional banners available for a one off cost

6 We at Bone Dry NZ quarantee to buy back any product that  at the end of your 3 month buy in term, hasn't been sold on the basis that it is in the same condiotion as it was when you received it.
Now you can't get fairer than that!

Bone Dry is offered in 1 size
400 gram tub called the bikers Tub this is for motorcyclists with full sets of motorcycle leather. There are full instructions on the tub for treatment.

Your start up pack consists of
7-400 gram tubs (if you want the Bikers Tubs please state when ordering)
1- 400gram tubs for promotional use

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