Testimonials From Bone Dry Users

  • You did my boots at the brass monkey and I said if was impressed i would buy some. I had a crack in my boot and bone dry nearly completely sealed it.
  • I wouldn't of bought it if i didn't believe you      John Clark
  • It's good stuff eh everyone was raving about it   -Jerry   Patriots
  • Any Good??? Yep bloody good stuff    -Tom -Crazy Frog  -Retread Rebels
  • I reckon its excellant with living on the west coast its keeping my gear dry   -Barry  -Westport
  • I Bought this stuff in Waimate the boots are soft supple,Awesome it goes so far....Even the kids rugby boots rugby balls soccer balls all good even the kids are happy.... Keen to Support a good product  --Paul Saunders Blenheim
  • great product use on all my leather goods works a treat ---Adrian Wellington
  • Man theyr'e so soft as well --Gloves----Vicxy Wellington
  • Good Bloody stuff    ---Stuart Doyle ----------Ikamatua ------West Coast
  • I rode to Springs Junction 3 weeks ago in the rain and not a drop the wife on the other hand WET ----John  Timaru motor cycles and seller of Bone Dry
  • Graeme Hutchinson---------- you did all my leathers at the March Hare Rally 09, 8 months ago and i haven't put any more on.Rode to the Burt Munro Rally and as you know it was very wet all my gear under my leathers was Bone Dry bloody good on ya mate!
  • Bone Dried my pants b4 I came nice smooth and soft    Adam McDougall Temuka
  • Brass Monkey 09 My Hats dry my boots are good havent been wet since   Daniel Paltridge CHCH
  • John Clarke (Winchester)   I noticed how it feeds the leather softened my gloves amazing absolutely fantastic on my gloves its a good product eh!!
  • Hats so waterproof it won't let the sweat out
  • Rode in 120kph wind with heavy rain, no water came through after 70km ride! j/Rees/D watson
  • I just got given a tub of your bone dry nz and I have to say it's great. I put it on my tired and very old scarpa boots and it was so easy to put on compared to other products I have used over the years Cheers Dermot Mayock

Loosehead from Bike Rider Magazine

The proof of the pudding is in the eating and I'm please to say the product is living up to expectations. We had a couple of wet days here in Dunedin recently and I stayed dry. Good on ya mate.

Fran McGowan

Bone Dry NZ Works BRILLIANTLY by the way.

Kim Charles - Search and Rescue

I used it yesterday on my jobphur boots. Whenever I waik in the wet grass in these I get soaked feet almost immediately.
I applied Bone Dry as per instructions. Today the sun was out but the grass is still soaking after 99mm of rain. I put on my boots only intending to go as far as the horse paddock where the grass is short. However curious to know how high the river is after all the rain I set off across the paddock locked up for winter feed. Been out 30 min or so and came home the same way.
WHADAYAKNOW......... My soxs are Bone Dry!!
Also used it on old leather bridle that was dry as. 3 coats and the leather is beautiful and soft, and it's not high quality leather either. FANTASTIC

Tania & Dean Ferguson

Many thanks for the great product couches look great

Christopher Robinson England

Great stuff, I only need to use it a few time a year to keep my favourite pair of boots going.
Founding Director of Roxtons

Brent O'Regan

I got my gloves done in Waimate and rode through 2-3 hours of rain on my way back. No water made it through Bone Dry

Nigel Clark, Classic Bike Guide England

I have been given a 150g pot of Bone Dry Rub On and have found it exceedingly good. I would like to review it positively in my magazine Classic Bike Guide

Pete, Marlin Motels

Congratulations on a great product.

Warren Batchelar

I got 2 pots of Bone Dry a couple of months ago before a trip to Fiordland.
We have been over on the west coast and have now used up both pots.
Fantastic  product by the way. We spent 8 days in Fiordland in torrential rain-everything got wet except my feet.!!!

We buy most of our hunting gear through Hunting and Fishing  in Dunedin And have passed on your website details to Scott Kunac with our recommendation they should stock Bone Dry
Warren Batchelar

Jason and Helen from Greymouth Street Racing

Oh my god meet these brilliant people in Greymouth street race ,they put their Bone Dry on my bike pants ,bought some and put on my gloves and leather boots what can I say brought my leather pants back to life really softened up the pants,didn't realise how stiff they were before ,as well as good people there Bone Dry you put on your leathers is unbievable brilliant.
No I don't know these people but what they sell really works
Regards Jason and Helen

Anthony Little

As we spend a lot of time on the water, we are always looking for top quality waterproofing products to protect our footwear from the saltwater.
I would have to say that this is the best waterproofing product I have come across. The whole team was very impressed and have managed to each aquire themselves one of my pottles. We will definitely be purchasing some more when we run out.

Just wanted to pass on what a great product Bone Dry is,even more appealing that it's NZ made, Well Done!!!

Kind regards
Butch Little

Daniel Wilson - A happy dry footed hunter

I have just come back from hunting for the roar in which I spent nearly a week in the snow that just came down on Tuesday night. We were a 1000m above sea level where we received at least a foot or two of snow everywhere.

The Bone Dry water proofing that I purchased off you and put into my boots was without a doubt the best waterproofing product I have ever used, in both my time as a hunter and having spent 13 years in the Army I have never been able to get something like your product to repel the water as well as what your Bone Dry stuff did!!!!!

I was amazed at its ability to continue after days of hard terrain, snow, water and ice to keep on sending that water away, it was truly awesome. Further more, by repelling the water away I had very warm and dry feet, which made my hunting mate very jealous.

I will be interested to see how it goes in the rain or on dew covered grass too, but from what I have seen it is an exceptional product. My wife is on her way to your house to day to hopefully get some more from you and my mate now wants some too. I will be telling as many of my mates about this product and endorsing it strongly.

I have attached a photo of the conditions we were hunting in.
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