How to Waterproof & Condition Leather Boots, Leather Jackets, Leather Pants, Leather Gloves

How to Waterproof & Condition Leather Boots, Leather Jackets, Leather Pants, Leather Gloves

When it comes to caring for leather, life has got a whole lot easier. You don't need a handfull of different products to get the job done. Now you only need one product Bone Dry NZ leather waterproofing, conditioner  the only product on the market to do the four most important things in leather care, all in one hit, waterproofs leather, repels water from leather, softens leather, conditions leather

Waterproofing and Conditioning Leather Footwear
It's important to remove excess build up of dirt around seam areas by the sole. You want to be sure that you treat every bit of the the footwear. Use a brush or what ever to remove excess dirt. You can use a damp cloth with warm water to clean the footwear, don't drown your footwear in water. Allow to dry and then apply Bone Dry NZ leather waterproofing, conditioner as instructed.
The more Bone Dry NZ leather waterproofing, conditioner the footwear soaks up the longer you will stay dry. A good trick is to reapply Bone Dry NZ after wearing your boots for a day. Through wearing your boots you pull the product deeper into the leather and reappling Bone Dry NZ will give you longer protection. It is important to keep up with the treatment on footwear as the leather is worked very hard and subjected to harsh conditions. You can apply as often as you like or just wait until you feel your feet getting wet before appling again.

An important note for Gore-tex footwear
Don't be fooled into believing that you can't use Bone Dry NZ leather waterproofing, conditioner on Gore-tex footwear
It is used on these boots every day and has no effect on the breathable performance. Many retail stores will tell you that you can't or don't have to use leather products on Gore-tex footwear but this is not true. The outer of the boot is leather and without proper care the leather will crack and break down resulting in wet feet and you having to buy another pair of expensive boots.

Waterproofing, Conditioning Leather Motorcycle Gear
If you have bugs splattered all over your leather gear use a damp cloth with warm water to remove. Lie on a flat surface and apply Bone Dry NZ leather waterproofing, conditioner Liberally all over making sure you rub plenty into seam areas and plenty in the crutch area of pants also apply to the zip areas it makes a great zip lubricant. 
If penetration is slow allow to sit in the warm sun until the product penetrates, then reapply again. If your leathers are soaking the product up quickly keep appling until it slows down. When you have finshed treating your leathers use a cloth and buff off any excess product.

Waterproofing, Conditioning Leather Gloves
Put your gloves on and apply Bone Dry NZ leather waterproofing, conditioner like washing your hands, make sure you rub the product into the seam areas, finger tips and between fingers. If you want to see how water tight your gloves are hold under water in the sink, as soon as you feel water coming through remove from water and apply more Bone Dry NZ to the areas you feel the water coming through. You will find that it's the seam areas where water gets in, so just keep treating these areas until you stay dry. Once treated make sure you buff off excess product.


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