Daniel Wilson - A happy dry footed hunter

I have just come back from hunting for the roar in which I spent nearly a week in the snow that just came down on Tuesday night. We were a 1000m above sea level where we received at least a foot or two of snow everywhere.

The Bone Dry water proofing that I purchased off you and put into my boots was without a doubt the best waterproofing product I have ever used, in both my time as a hunter and having spent 13 years in the Army I have never been able to get something like your product to repel the water as well as what your Bone Dry stuff did!!!!!

I was amazed at its ability to continue after days of hard terrain, snow, water and ice to keep on sending that water away, it was truly awesome. Further more, by repelling the water away I had very warm and dry feet, which made my hunting mate very jealous.

I will be interested to see how it goes in the rain or on dew covered grass too, but from what I have seen it is an exceptional product. My wife is on her way to your house to day to hopefully get some more from you and my mate now wants some too. I will be telling as many of my mates about this product and endorsing it strongly.

I have attached a photo of the conditions we were hunting in.
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